Frequently Asked Questions

What is RicaricaEV?

RicaricaEV is the electric vehicles charge network 100% made in Italy

What can I do with RicaricaEV?

Through the RicaricaEV platform you can recharge your electric vehicle at public charging points throughout Italy

Pay-as-you-go charging stations

How do I recharge?


  1. Use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the screen of the charging station
  2. Select the plug to be activated on the web page and enter the required data. If you are registered, you can save your credit card info to speed up future payments.
  3. Upon confirmation of payment, plug in your vehicle. Charging will start automatically!
  4. To stop recharging before the end, disconnect the vehicle, interrupt recharging from RicaricaEV web page or enter the 4-digit PIN you received at the beginning of your vehicle recharge
I cannot scan the QR code. Can I still recharge?

If you cannot make the payment on your smartphone, make sure that the pop-ups of your browser are enabled

How much does the recharge cost?

There are three different rates: based on kWh, based on charging time and based on parking time at the end of charging. By scanning the QR code and selecting an outlet you can view the exact tariffs for the selected outlet.

Is the cost of charging the same for all charging stations and outlets?

No. The cost depends on the maximum power output and the rates set by each operator.

Is it possible to request an invoice for the service?

Yes, just request it with your smartphone when you enter the payment details

After how long will I receive the invoice?

The invoice will be sent you by e-mail to the address you have indicated within a few days

I din't receive the invoice, who can I contact?

If you do not receive your invoice within 14 days of recharging, please contact RicaricaEV customer service

How do I store / edit / delete my payment details?

You can store your payment details securely and immediately: if you are a logged in user, at the first payment made you will be asked if you want to store your payment details for future transitions, so as to make the recharge even more immediate. You can change your payment details with each subsequent recharge, or delete them at any time by accessing the "Profile" section

Free of charge charging stations

How do I recharge?

Proceed with an italian services national card (CNS / CRS)

Compile and insert your CNS code
Enter the 20-digit code found on the back of your CNS on the registration page
Confirm your registration
Confirm your registration with the link you receive by email.
Charge your vehicle
You can now use your CNS to start charging your vehicle

Request a RicaricaEV card

Fill out the request form
Receive your card
We will send your personal RicaricaEV card
Charge your vehicle
Use the card to activate RicaricaEV's public charge stations
Do I need to install an APP? Do I need to sign up for recharge my vehicle?

No, it is not necessary to install an APP. To charge your vehicle, you can proceed as anonymous or you can register with the RicaricaEV platform, taking advantage of more advantageous rates and dedicated functions

How do I stop charging and unlock the cable?

You can stop directly from your vehicle, click on the stop button on RicaricaEV platform or using the PIN that was provided to you at the beginning of the recharge

Is it possible to view the balance of the recharges carried out? Where can I view it?

Yes. If you are a registered user, after logging in you can see the balance of your charges by accessing the "Recharges" area


I do not receive the confirmation email for registration, what should I do?

(After checking the spam folder!) write us to indicating username and e-mail address with which you registered

What is the Stations section/function used for?

In the Stations section you can find the nearest public access station on the map

How can I delete my account? How can I unsubscribe?

You can request the removal of your account by writing to

If I need help, who can I contact?

For any need you can contact our support service at