Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Simple: choose where to charge on the map or scann the QR code on the charging station, activate the desired plug, charge your vehicle!

How to charge your vehicle on RicaricaEV network: two alternative methods

Proceed with an italian services national card (CNS / CRS)

Compile and insert your CNS code
Enter the 20-digit code found on the back of your CNS on the registration page
Confirm your registration
Confirm your registration with the link you receive by email.
Charge your vehicle
You can now use your CNS to start charging your vehicle

Request a RicaricaEV card

Fill out the request form
Download the request form and follow the instructions on it
Receive your card
We will send your personal RicaricaEV card
Charge your vehicle
Use the card to activate RicaricaEV's public charge stations
How much does it cost to recharge my vehicle?

It is a service that depends on several variables such as: energy, vehicle parking time, ...

Is it possible to charge a vehicle without being registered?

Of couse! You just have to activate the desired plug scanning the QR code on the screen

Can I book my vehicle charge?

You can make a reservation on the desired charging station and plug. That plug will be reserved for you for 20 minutes.